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Your Trusted Financial Partner

Premier mortgage brokerage company Boujee Home Loans is situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Focusing on offering customized financial solutions to customers around the country, Boujee home Loans specializes in a variety of financing options, such as business, investment, personal, vehicle, and house loans.



Boujee Home Loans assists customers in debt consolidation and expedites mortgage repayment with an emphasis on lowering mortgage amounts and terms. Our team of knowledgeable experts provides thorough assistance to clients at every stage of the loan procedure, guaranteeing that they receive tailored counsel from loan application to repayment plans.

In addition to our expertise in mortgage solutions, Boujee Home Loans has established valuable relationships with local professionals, including real estate agents, financial planners, and conveyancers, to assist clients with various aspects of their property purchases.


Whether you’re a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, Boujee Home Loans is dedicated to helping you navigate the mortgage market effectively and find the most suitable financing solutions for your unique circumstances. Choose Boujee Home Loans for a seamless and personalized mortgage experience.

Committed To Offering Top-Notch Support

Prabhat Badal is an experienced mortgage broker based in Adelaide, South Australia, with a background specialising in hospitality and education & migration sectors. After spending years working in these industries, he is now dedicated to helping his clients find the right mortgage solutions from first home buyers to help people pay off their loans faster. Prabhat is well-regarded for his exceptional knowledge of the industry, strong work ethic, and commitment to providing excellent service.


Prabhat specialises in helping various types of clients in their first home or investment loan journey. He understands that the right loan isn’t solely determined by the lowest interest rate but also involves considering all loan features to reduce mortgage amounts and durations.

Why Boujee Home Loan


Stress-Free Homeownership

We guide you towards a comfortable mortgage that fits your budget, allowing you to focus on your aspirations without financial worry.



Empowering Your Choices

Through financial education, we equip you to make informed decisions, free from emotional biases, so you can confidently navigate your financial future.



Nationwide Network

Our extensive network of experienced brokers across Australia ensures you have access to personalized support no matter where you live.



Your Long-Term Partner

We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you. By combining our expertise and resources, we’ll help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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