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Create Onepage Documentation

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Onepage documentation is a very effective way to demonstrate your product documentation in a handy way. Visitors can find the all guides on a single page and they can navigate through the different sections very fast. You can see the Onepage demo here.

OnePage Creating Process

Onepage documentation format will generate all the pages of a Doc as sections in a single page which is scrollable by sections. Follow the steps below to create the Onepage documentation easily.

  1. Add a New Page from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. There is available a page template called “Onepage Doc”. Select this page template from the Page Attribute metabox.
  1. Then a new metabox will be appeared named “OnePage Configurations”. Input there the Doc ID which you want to make Onepage format documentation. If you don’t know how to find the ID, read this article.

Video Tutorial

As well as, in this video tutorial I showed the processes how you can create a Onepage documentation template using Docly WordPress theme.

In the video tutorial, you will see the process with the Docly theme. But the processes are same with Docy theme. So you can follow this video tutorial.

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Create Onepage Documentation

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